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One week on

It is now the middle of July, but the clouds seldom leave the sky and rain is never far off. Radio and television news is peppered with doom and gloom about the economy, oil prices and the need for belt tightening. Were this the whole truth of life in our times I think we could be forgiven for bolting the door, drawing the curtains and settling down for the duration. In the real world, however, things are brighter. Yesterday evening's attempt to see Mamma Mia at Falkirk was foiled by all tickets having been sold - can you imagine! The cinema was full of people of all ages, and at least two shows were a sell out - that does not suggest gloom has taken hold. The garden is enjoying this weather; growth is burgeoning wherever I look and yes, that does include the things I would rather were not growing but even weeds can be pretty in flower.

The birds are about in full strength, I seem to be feeding thousands - but they are huge fun. The garden pond, about which there will be more as time passes, remains a vast sand pit, but it will be filled this weekend. I am looking forward to it enormously. The Painting exhibition is attracting considerable interest. Just look at that colour!

Oh - and we shall be back at the cinema this evening.






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