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New kids on the block ...

It is not every day that I would find I had something in common with an image like this one, but do you see the large gentleman in the centre of the photograph? His name is Kelvin Sewell and, until recently, he was member of the Homicide Department of the Baltimore Police - and he is coming to the Book Festival on November 5th. He and investigative journalist Steven Janis have written a book - Why we kill - which will be discussed on that Saturday afternoon. Never having met a murder detective, never mind been instrumental in bringing one to my home town before, I now have to work out how to make sure they get here safely, are comfortable, have an audience - and pay them in dollars. I will not be doing all of this on my own, of course, but it does add a certain frisson to life that brightens up the dull days. I am looking forward to the festival as a whole this year, there is quite a buzz about it. On Monday last week we held the second Linlithgow Literary Lunch in Ship2Shore - try saying that after a wine gum or two. It was a good event and one we shall repeat in 2012.

Elisabet gets back from her sojourn in Sweden on Tuesday, which will be good. I think she will be pleased to be home and I know I will be delighted to have her back. I wonder if she will notice the new sign for the gallery that will go up tomorrow?






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