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It is as big as he is ...

Field trial time has come around again (and by the time I write this, it has gone again also, but no matter). Elisabet and the dogs have been traipsing the length and breadth of Scotland, standing out in knee high heather in all sorts of weather awaiting their turn. As I understand it, the dogs are run two at a time (as opposed to in pairs, which suggests to me that the dogs work together) and are supposed to 'quarter' the relevant bit of land looking (or rather sniffing out) for birds. When a grouse is found, the dog then stands still and 'points' to show the handler where the bird is. On command, the dog makes the bird fly up, whilst ducking down itself to lie still and avoid being shot. Are you with me?

Well, Cosimo won. He won a huge silver cup. No small matter when he has to keep it polished for the next year....

He really has done well and Elisabet is delighted. The bar will now be set higher for the Spring Trials.

It will probably rain then too.






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