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2010 is upon us ....

and the snow has fallen, the rain has come, the frost has set and all in all we have been experiencing the first winter proper for years. And I for one have almost forgotten how to cope with it - so I have hibernated, and it has been lovely. Christmas was quiet, I enjoyed it greatly, and seeing those friends who were able to get their cars out of assorted driveways and road ends was an extra treat.

And now New Year has been rung in, the gallery is wrapped behind its winter shutters, and we are off on holiday in about 16 hours. What I should be doing is sorting out the clothes that will be appropriate for 30+ Celsius, and making sure I can lay my hands on the insect repellent. I am not complaining, I hasten to make clear - I am simply very aware of the contrast. But pack I will, just as soon as I have eaten something warm and comforting.

What a softy, I hear you say. And I say - look who is off to India in the morning!

All good wishes for a peaceful 2010 to everyone, everywhere.






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