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Whilst Noah was making last minute adjustments to the Ark and the flood was in full dress rehearsal mode, we opened the latest exhibition yesterday afternoon - Three: day and night - with Lesley Anne Derks, Catherine King and Jacqueline Marr in attendance. And it was a great fun afternoon! Everyone was happy to see the show up - the work is very good indeed and the three artists, whose work is completely different from each other's, were pleased with the hang. It was so good to see everyone taking time to study the pieces and speaking about them.

The weather has, however, maintained its soggy determination to make May a month to forget. The poor garden is ;like a bog, the pond, which developed a slow leak in the autumn, keeps itself topped up with the copious addition of rain. At least, this year so far, I have not needed to top up too often. I dread the inevitable point at which I shall have to hoick out the fish and store them safely, yank up the plants, demolish the upper rim and take out the lining. What a horrible job that will be. Then will come the whole thing again, but in reverse. Not happy.

Speaking of fish, here is a related image by Catherine King - the show continues until June 11th, come along to see it if you can!






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