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Of Indian winters and new beginnings ...

Well, we are back. The house is a building site, the new bathroom being a little nearer reality than when we left on January 1st, but no where near complete. The after effects of the plasterer's visit are evident in every nook and cranny and in each and every room and the bath taps are resident in the dog basket. The cases are emptying themselves to fill up any remaining un-cluttered spaces, and I am going to collect the dogs when I stop here.

And, do you know what? - it is all fine with me.

We have had the most marvellous holiday, visted some of the most beautiful places on earth, eaten well and been looked after by some of the nicest and most caring people one could ever hope to meet. In five days we encountered some 130 species of birds and many new animals from the mongoose to the giant Indian squirrel. We visited tea plantations and toddy tappers, Elisabet swam in waves which would have whipped the legs from under a less stubborn swimmer, I read my way through a pile of books which had been awaiting attention for goodness knows how long - and all of the travel arrangements worked.

There will be more about it all, but now we have a car and dogs to collect, an exhibition to hang and a bathroom to encourage.

Has anyone ever worked out just how far a teaspoonful of dry plaster can spread when dropped from a moderate height? It must be miles.......






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