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Tempus fugit - on the other hand ....

Since last writing time has been spent under exam conditions, and I am glad to be finished for another year. School exams are a trial for children and parents alike, but I would like to take a short time to enumerate the many ways in which the life of the humble invigilator is impinged upon by this annual period of hair shirt wearing and angst - but I have elected not to. I know when to keep quiet - and besides which, it would be boring.

I will, however, take time to tell you that Elisabet has had a photograph selected and hung in the SSA exhibition in the Vision Building in Dundee. This is a triumph in a number of ways - of course it recognised the quality of the work and is a great boost to the confidence, but it is also represents a miracle of tenacity and determination. Whoever said that arts organisations were difficult to manage spoke from experience, I believe. No matter - I attach a copy of Patience which I hope you will enjoy - Elisabet would like me to tell you that this is a photograph shot with a Leica camera dating from the 1930's, and with no digital enhancement whatsoever.






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