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It's a puzzle ...

There have been no additions to this blog for quite a while. Over the last weeks I have read a number of blogs from a variety of sources and on a range of subjects - some have been what I guess can be called 'lifestyle', with the emphasis on ways of doing and behaving, with illustrations from personal experience. Others have been written by representatives of various organisations - key staff members for example. And I am blowed if I understand the purpose of these - surely they cannot be written in the expectation that anyone really wants to know what music was listened to whilst curled up in an armchair after a festive meal?

All of this, of course, brings me to the reason for the 'silence' of the last months - what is this blog for? For what purpose is it to be written, and who on earth is going to be reading it anyway? I, as yet, have no satisfactory answers for these questions. I am not at all minded to waffle on about little personal details - so if you are reading this you will have a long wait before I confide too much about my musical or other preferences. I can, however, bring you up to date with things Gallery related.

The current show, which had its first day yesterday, was intended to reflect the sun we were all expecting in May. In reality the paintings for flowers, trees and burgeoning fields are more of an indication of things to come. The colours are warming, even if the air around them is not! Reflecting the forthcoming gala day and Marches celebrations the hand made bunting is one of the things which have most caught my fancy from the show - the potential is huge. I well remember the party and concerts which were devised for the opening of the Glenluce bypass back in 1999. We made bunting then - it seemed like miles of the stuff - to drape back and across the main street along a large part of its length. It was made from offcuts of knitted cotton tee shirt fabric in bright colours - and had an elasticity which failed gently as time passed. The loops across the street sank nearer and nearer the ground as the day passed!

And why did I write that? I am having difficulties as you will appreciate - time to go before I write more nonsense I may grow to regret.






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