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and Jack Frost is upon us

Apropos of nothing, I was in the Borders this weekend, and the colour remaining in the trees was fantastic. Just imagine what it would have been like some 10 days ago, when more leaves were still on the trees. It was glorious, a real bonus to add to the training event I was attending - which was in itself very good (with one outstanding exception, which was dire - stand up the Scottish Government).

I like this time of year, when the air is crisp and not soggy, when there is a frost on the ground and you can see your breath in front of you. It is especially good on cloudless days, when it always seems to me that I can see further into the distance than I ever can on a balmy summer's day. The drop in temperature is fine too - rather this than the dank, damp weather which seems to set a film of mould over everything, and clothes never seem to be quite dry, even when it is clear that they are.

Sitting in the gallery, however, when there is little opportunity for movement, it can feel cold as the day progresses. Woolly socks are the answer, or at least they are a good part of the answer.

Elisabet is in Sweden at the moment, and phoned at some ungodly hour this moring to tell me that there was frost on the ground and that it looked quite beautiful. I am sure it did, but not so clear that I needed to hear about it at exactly that moment! She will be in Sweden for another 8 days, and come back in good time to set up our Christmas show - The waiting Angel - which will open with the usual mulled wine and celebration on Advent fair day, this year Saturday November 28th.






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