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Where has it gone?

As I sit in the gallery and see the blazers, ties and dark trousers parading the High Street, lunch in hand, it strikes home that the summer is almost over - and I seem to have missed it. Most years we are able to have pots of flowers outside the door, a bench for weary travellers and water for thirsty dogs. Everything was prepared this year- the pots planted up, the bench cleaned - and there they sit yet, forlorn and unloved. Oh for an Indian summer ...

However - there is a threat of dry weather this weekend, so I shall think about that instead. The pond is flourishing, all of the plants have produced new shoots, so they must be happy, and the fish seem to have made it their home with little difficulty. It is wonderful just how much time can pass when watching fish. I think it must be a kind of meditation. That is my excuse anyway!


And still it rains ...

That, I hope, is the weather out of my system. I won't mention it again.

Things have been very busy over the last couple of weeks. Photographer Keith Ingham, recent resident of Linlithgow, has a major exhibition of photography Urban Echoes opening at the Collins Gallery at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow on Friday August 23rd. (The exhibition runs until September 27th). We have assisted with framing the photographs, some sixty plus of them, and are delighted that our work, in a small way, will be on show to such a large audience too! Do go along and see the work - bright, colourful, intriguing and with a quirky approach we think you will enjoy.

The Edinburgh Festivals have been in full flow for a couple of weeks now, and Linlithgow has had quite a number of visitors who have spread their wings just that little wider. It is always good to hear new languages in the gallery, and it can be quite a challenge to discuss paintings or other work when neither party has a verbal language in common. Often, however, we do reach a good understanding - the language of the artwork itself can somehow speak to us all. And very reassuring that is.

Today is the day the dogs return home. They have been 'on their holidays' with a friend for the last week, and will have had a fine time of running about in a large garden and enjoying themselves as they saw fit - it will be good to have them home, however. Somehow an excited and energetic welcome can be just what the doctor ordered.







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