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Elisabet arrived back from Sweden with our new pointer CJ (Kennel name Wee Scunner, which is more appropriate than had perhaps been intended) at the end of October, and life will never be the same again. She is full of beans, very clear about her place in life and has made Cosimo realise that her dinner is not to be read as his 'afters', something Queen Bee Saari has never bothered to establish. The Dowager is, however, still very much in control of the pack.

Do watch this space, for there will be more!

and now it is December ...

I am not sure quite how it has happened, but there can be no doubt - November has been, gone and left before I managed to write anything further. I don't think it was always like this, but right now I seem to be running all of the time and never really achieving anything. Take this evening as an example. It was all clear and planned in my head. Time to catch up on a range of paperwork, I had individual things I needed to do all clear in my mind - but there has been a change elsewhere. The class which should have been tomorrow night is now tonight - I have not done everything I had needed to do before tomorrow night's class, I won't get time before five o'clock tonight and I can get none of it done sitting here in the gallery. So thus I write. I have thousand things I should be doing, but here I am. And I am writing. And you will think I have lost what little sense I have left, so I will change subject.

VAT - now there is something to stop most people in their tracks, Has anyone else been on fairly minor shopping expedition and been astounded by the time, and presumably cost, of having the 2.5% VAT reduction on a pair of socks worked out? I would think it would have cost more than the 2p I saved to have the shop assistant make the calculation. There are such huge sums of money played with in the remote and virtual worlds of bonds and stock trading, and I am confident that in the wider world of international finance someone will benefit, but my socks and the local shops are not going to make a significant difference. Are they?

The Christmas exhibition opened as part of the Advent Fair celebrations on Saturday. It was a really jolly afternoon and great fun: the candle lit procession was beautiful. Linlithgow, when it is on form, can work very well and put on a really good show.

Now, time to confess about that homework .....






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