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It has been a while since we were last here, longer than I had thought if I am to be truthful, and the time seems to have flown by without much impact on my immediate memory. That will hardly be flattering for those who have been around in the last six weeks, but perhaps I can begin to redeem myself by the realisation that I have been very busy.

The exhibition of Elisabet's photographs looks good, as do Colin Homes' evocative and absorbing silver gelatin prints. They make a good balance - both working with camera and film, both using black and white - but the resulting images have quite a different feel and impact. This does not relate to the subject matter, although these too vary, but in the kind of emotional response evoked. It is a Monday morning, the sun is shining and it is cold - there will be words for what I am trying to say, but they will come to me later.

On the home front this is the week when I have to prepare for the arrival of the kennel. The plan is to have a small run at the foot of the garden, with a warm shelter out of the rain for the dogs, and an open area on which they can work on their sun tans. To this end, the kennel will be on stilts, and have a sheltered deck area under the eaves. The run will extend below the kennel, and be covered in attractive stone chips - and the are times when I think we have lost the collective marbles. No matter, it will happen next Monday. And before then I shall have to empty and demolish the old shed, clear away the plants I want to save and protect those I want to survive the construction work undamaged. If this weather persists I am likely to be doing it in the wind, rain and half dark. What larks!

To prove I am not always grumpy, I attach a lovely glass vessel by Amanda Simmons from Corsock. It really cheers me to see such lovely, skillful and beautiful work - my glass is very definitely on the 'half full' side of things.






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