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The new show at The Line opened yesterday with Colin Wilson's fantastic fruit and Lorna Pirrie's portraits - we just could not resist showing you The Ladies of The Line which is now proudly on display. This is one that will certainly not be getting away!

And the loose ends? Sent back in the post, I fear. Done and dusted and that ground will not be being disturbed again. Memories are precious, no one said they needed to be accurate.

May you live in interesting times

2012 has been a curious year so far. Lots good, somethings less pleasing and others where I wish I had learned the lessons I know well enough about but which I seem to be able to forget on a regular basis.

An example - this is the one about not going back to the past. That is one I should remember after the trip to Buckie for the whatever number it was school reunion. I think it would have been very different had I remained in Buckie for longer, but we left some six months after the event that was being remembered, and a lot has happened to everyone concerned in the intervening period. It was lovely to have been remembered and invited to go along, but the wise person would have said 'thank you', sent best wishes and stayed away. I went along. I last saw all of these people when they and I were aged 11 and 12, I was remembering children and could not really respond to the adults I met. And there were those that were not there and I was mourning an 11 year old when the one that was lost was about 30. I should not have gone.

And now? - ah, now I have been remembering a close friend. Dangerous ground best not explored. I will learn one day - but for now there is some tidying up to do, I fear. Loose ends can cause upset.

The SQA exams are up and running, and the strange days spend surrounded by endless bits of paper are back again. There is a satisfaction to having everything parcelled up and ready for collection, but I do begin to wonder if that is enough of a reason to go through all of the rest of it .......... And the sun has been shining today - bodes well for the weekend and yet another onslaught on the ground elder.

And how has life been for you?






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