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Elisabet has been reminding me that the last entry on this blog clearly identifies that June has come at last, and 'here we are in the middle of August'. Yes, the summer has flown and we have all experienced the phenomenon of the afternoon monsoon rather more that we would like. However, today the sun is shining, people are out on the streets wearing their brightly coloured summer clothes, and all is well.

Radio, television (not that I have one)and the newspapers have been full of doom and gloom in recent weeks - when it is not the stock market it is Libya, when it is not Syria it is the recent riots in England, and then we had the shootings in Norway and the mindset that allowed such things to be possible. It is all true. these things have, and are, happening - but so has so much else besides. Time, I think, to enjoy the sunshine,breathe some fresh air and laugh a little.

This summer has been interesting at The Line. Linlithgow empties as soon as the schools close for the holidays. This has been the pattern for a number of years and this was no different. All of the people we are accustomed to seeing out and about along the High Street were suddenly no longer there, and the streets were populated with visitors to the town. New people asking about the artists whose work was on display, wondering about opening hours and the whereabouts of a good cup of coffee. There have been more flowers than ever visible this year too. More and more businesses have responded to the efforts of Burgh Beautiful and have added their own contribution to making the town more attractive. Judging for the Scotland in Bloom competition took place a couple of weeks ago - not quite in the expected downpour, but without benefit of much sun. Linlithgow looked great! Our offerings stood out bravely - lots of green and an abundance of buds. Not a flower in sight, I am sorry to have to write, but lots evidence of good intention. Come back today, Judges - the threatened flowers are showing their colours with abandon!

Speaking of shops and businesses, it is clear to anyone visiting Linlithgow that the number and range of independent shops and concerns along the High Street contribute greatly to the appeal of the town. We should be, and are, proud of the range of independent traders who each add their own qualities to the overall picture.

There is a useful breakdown of the reasons for shopping locally, prepared by IndieBound, a movement of community oriented independent booksellers across the UK and Ireland which we think could usefully be adopted by independent businesses of all kind. We hope you will find these convincing, and respond positively to their sentiment

By shopping in your local independent shop today you help to

* keep the high street healthy
* protect the environment
* support your local community
* create and retain local jobs
* engage with your neighbours

Thank you!






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