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At long last ...

Over time we have made several attempts at establishing a web site for The Line which we wanted to give a reflection of the way we go about things and the approach we take to artists, art and to those who visit and support us in the gallery. None of these were at all adequate or satisfying, and were abandonded. It is a great thrill for us to have this new site, we are delighted with it - and look forward to your comments. All thanks are due to Kirsten and Mickey - and, of course, to Tom, who will deny any part in the process.

And what will we do with the site now we have it? Firstly, we hope it will give an insight into the work we show, the artists we work with and how we present ourselves. Beyond that we now have an opportunity to introduce exhibitions as they arise, and to illustrate to a wider audience some of the work which will be on show in the gallery. This blog will enable us to provide more information on things we feel you might like to know about, and for us to have a bit of a ramble should the urge come upon us.

Today Elisabet is at the printer in Glasgow with a friend from Italy, discussing a book they have been working on - Robin's writing and Elisabet supplying some of the photographs. I am here in the gallery, preparing for the next show. The theme is 'Painting' and we have a wide range of work to hang and make into a coherent exhibition. I am looking forward to it. And in the showcases we will have jewellery, including the colourful dyed aluminium from Michael Peckitt with which I end this first blog.







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