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Linlithgow is now a Cittaslow, only the second in Scotland. We are not quite sure what this entails for us at yet, but it is certainly a compliment on the quality of living here. And yesterday The Line earned a related compliment; a lady, who came in to buy some jewellery, spoke about how often she had passed The Line but not come in, due to, you guessed it, parking or the lack thereof. But, she continued, she had recently been on a health course where emphasis had been placed on the importance of walking for general health and well being. Since Linlithgow has a defined axis with parking off, no matter where one leaves the car a walk to the gallery can take, at the most, a couple of minutes. She thought we should put out a sign, saying 'we don't do fast , but here everything is slow, healthy and well-made'.

The work we bring to Linlithgow you can't eat - but they are unique, produced with skill and with great care. And now we can claim - The Line, the healthy gallery, with added walking value!

Meanwhile Elisabet and the pointers are back out on the moor, enjoying wildlife, heather, other flora and those wide ever - changing skies where clouds make patterns on the hillside and outline crevasses, paths and the grasses chased by the winds. The pond is now complete with fish and plants and can absorb hours of time just looking at it.







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