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It is Monday morning ....

and there are three men watching another use a pneumatic drill right outside the gallery window. He is making a hole about a foot square - what are four men going to be able to do with a hole of that size? And why are they digging it any way?

None of that was in my mind when I planned to write - what I wanted to say was that we shall be celebrating my stepfather's 90th birthday in the coming days. This is an event which seems to require enormous planning and logistics, and at least two days of feasting - but plans are in place, my sister is cooking and baking for an army and we all all be very jolly and stuffed to the gunnels. No one will need food for weeks - and Jim will be 90! Isn't that something? How on earth did that happen?

This will be followed by The Line being closed for three days whilst Elisabet and I recover - this is what I really needed to write about. The Line will be closed from Sunday August 19th to Tuesday August 21st inclusive, opening again at 10.00 am on Wednesday 22nd. We are sorry if that causes any problems, but will be here to apologise and make up on the 22nd.

He is drilling again ......






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