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Linlithgow, or rather we who live here, will sometime in the  not too distant future have access to allotments. A society has formed and an application is on its way to the Council, who may provide a bit of land. Well done! all the folks who have worked hard to get it off the ground! I roped in friend and went along to join up. We have both done more than our fair share of meetings and are slightly jaded when it come to the points - points of rules, points  of interest, points of order, points of procedure and finer points. We do acknowledge that that is not a sentiment shared by everybody, and  that some meetings can resemble  marathons, where everybody but everybody has to air all the buts and ifs.  And there are always reasons not to do anything at all. I am forever reminded of a Chinese proverb someone slapped me on the back with when I was dithering "A man can stand on a hillside with his mouth open for a long, long time ... before a roast duck will fly into it." Because there is nothing easier than doing nothing, thus restricting any action and killing initiative.
Someone will inevitably stumble on their pitchfork, get mud on their finest boots, the bees will surely sting someone and the poultry may - but should not - escape and peck on the agapanthus seedlings. To be sure. But most people  still die in their beds, and one still meets and awful lot of people regretting more the things they didn't do than the things they did. So get on with it take a risk, say what you think and treasure life!







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