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December 12

Given all of the dreadful weather we have all been experiencing
in the last weeks, and the upset it will have caused for everyone, we
thought it might be an idea to tell a bit more about what we have to
offer here at The Line - we hope to bring a little cheer!

We are delighted to have new work by Laura Hudson in the current
exhibition - The Sixteenth Angel* - summery paintings of pears and
olives, beans and figs from her home in the centre of France. The
warmth of the sun glows from the canvas - see the images attached.

The last weeks or two has brought out the best, and sometimes the not
quite so 'best', from people all around. Neighbours and complete strangers
have stopped to help dig out cars and clear pavements, teas and coffees have
been supplied to 'the workers' with all good humour, dangerous icicles
and threatening snowy overhangs have been marked for all to see. Odd
and thoughtless abandoning of cars has been a bit of a pain, but the
thaw has seen the end of that, for now at least.

So - come and warm yourself in the glow from Laura's painting, and
receive a warm welcome whenever you feel inclined. We will be
pleased to see you

Gail and Elisabet

* to answer a question we have been asked several times - we always
have an 'angel' in the title of the Christmas exhibition, and this our 16th
Christmas show. We simply could not think of an appropriate title in






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